Connecting Communities

Our Connecting Communities project took our student artists along the A14 to visit Milton County Park and Hinchingbrooke Country Park, where they worked collaboratively with the surrounding communities and Rowan’s ceramic tutor Sarah Nibbs to create two public art installations. We ran workshops for the general public at both country parks and at Rowan and people of all ages turned up from both communities.

After visiting both parks to get inspiration for the installations, the students decided on a dragonfly design due to them being present at both parks.

Due to work taking place on the A14, we were able to use clay from the site in the construction of the dragonfly sculptures. The completed sculptures also feature woven wings, created by students in collaboration with Debbie Hall, a willow artist based in Cambridge. They had a wonderful time learning different techniques needed to create the wings of the dragonflies. Once student artist Luke got the hang of it, he said it was ‘a piece of cake!’

The two completed ceramic dragonflies can now be seen at each park and are a great excuse to see what else the park has to offer.

Connecting Communities was funded by the A14 Community Fund through Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

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