Local Cambridge charity awarded £6000

Rowan has been awarded £6000 from Cambridge Community Foundation to continue the delivery of creative workshops and forest school to adults with learning disability. The grant has been funded by ARM Cambridge Community Fund and Ridgeons Family Endowed Fund.

“We would like to thank the ARM Cambridge Cambridge Community Fund and Ridgeons Family Endowed Fund for supporting the Rowan”. Says Chief Executive Officer Cherie Evans, “It costs over £600,000 pa to run our creative workshops and forest school and we rely on the support of the local community. To see Rowan students thriving in such a supportive environment is wonderful. It’s great to be able to work together to improve the lives of local adults with learning disability. Thank you once again.”

Michael O’Toole, CEO at Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, said “We are really pleased to have been able to support Rowan with funding towards their project staff costs, in order to deliver some of their creative workshops and a forest school. Rowan does incredible work in our county to promote the reduction of disadvantages, reduce isolation and provide opportunities for creativity, so we are proud to be able to contribute to this.”

If you are an adult with learning disabilities who is looking to learn new skills and meet new friends – find out more here!

Meet Kalen

“I enjoy coming to Rowan because I love seeing friends at Rowan, and I love seeing, doing activities. My favourite activity has been drama and ceramics. I do feel happy at Rowan – yes! Because I am welcomed at Rowan and because people have said they enjoy me being at Rowan.”


Your support makes a big difference!

It costs over £600,000 a year to run Rowan. Can you help us?

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