In ceramics, student artists learn a range of hand-building techniques including slab building and the pinching method. Students are involved in every aspect from designing to glazing the ceramics before they are fired in our in-house kiln.

Student artists have the chance to collaborate with local organisations. Previous projects include a smoke-fired felted pebble wall-hanging for Kettle’s Yard’s Open House programme, public dragonfly sculptures for the Connecting Communities project and platters for the Fitzwilliam Museum Feast and Fast exhibition, which featured paintings of the student artists’ favourite meals.

Ceramics at Rowan is led by tutor Sarah Nibbs who has been with Rowan since 2014. Before joining Rowan, Sarah worked as a lifeguard, and as a teaching assistant in a secondary school. Outside Rowan, Sarah maintains her own creative practice in pottery, sewing and crochet.

Abigail Moore is our Thursday ceramics tutor which she does along her main role as Creative Workshop Manager.

If you are interested in making ceramics – why not become a student?

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