In drama, student artists engage in a range of theatre-based activities, including interactive storytelling, improvisation, sing and sign (using Makaton), creating original drama, and physical theatre. Student artists are encouraged to share creative ideas and experiences in a non-competitive environment, where they can contribute as much or little as they like. If not actively taking part, students become the ‘audience’, encouraging their peers and offering constructive feedback. Drama workshops are suitable for all participants, including those who are hard of hearing, non-verbal, fully mobile, those who prefer to sit, use a wheelchair, or are accompanied by a support worker.

Drama at Rowan is led by tutor Lindsey McAuley. Before joining Rowan in 2019, Lindsey worked for a sexual health charity delivering 1-2-1 and group sessions to people with learning difficulties covering subjects such as healthy relationships, safe sex, sexual health and consent. Lindsey has a degree in writing and film studies and is a qualified community arts teacher. She is also a professional educational skills role-player for communication skills training.

If you would like to perform and learn more about using drama as a way to communicate, and express your emotions – why not become a student?

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